Tibet Terrier vom Skelland Clan
In 2005 Germany was host to  the Tibetan Terrier World Congress.
On this occasion I met Margaret Cooper Tedd who has been breeding with the old English Lamleh lines for almost 25 years.
She trusted me with a beautiful young bitch with whom I started my breeding program.
It is my goal to breed healthy dogs with good temperament and of the proper breed type.
If  some of them turn out to be beautiful as well - what more can I wish for?!

  Silveridge Werewulff

 called „Minnie“




                                     Hips: A , Patella ok., valid eye certificate, CCL and PLL free


big built typical bitch, correct proportions, in hard condition and very well muscled


If there were no dogs, I would not want to live.

Arthur Schopenhauer